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Welcome to our humble Dojo. Okinawa Kenpo Mushin Ryu is a traditional Karate/Kobudo Dojo.  Our main goal is to continue Master Seikichi Odo teachings as they were given to my Sensei, Richard Gonzalez, and then to me. Master Odo was a Native Okinawan and Sensei Gonzalez met him while he was serving in the Marine Corps. Sensei Gonzalez spent about 16 years of his military service training with Master Odo.


I met Sensei Gonzalez while I was serving in the Navy in 1990 at the Boca Chica Naval Air Station. I have been his student since. Through him, I met Master Odo. It was a great honor to meet such an incredible man. Short in stature but big in heart Master Odo was a very lovable person. Very patient and always willing to make you feel good.


While in the Navy, I also met my wife Maria who also became Sensei Gonzalez student too. We have made Mississippi our home. We started our Dojo in October 2011. The Dojo promotes respect, responsibility, patience, mental focus, and family values to name a few. Okinawa Kenpo techniques are practical and easy to learn. The traditional weapons training is one more skill that the students learn at our Dojo. We include knife defense, knife to knife drills, short stick, and double stick drills.

Jerry Sensei is a retired Federal Law-enforcement agent" with hands-on experience.


Okinawa Kenpo is not a sport as some consider karate to be. It is a martial art and a way of life.  


No prices discuss over the phone, internet or text. Visit us to get that information.




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