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Back on business.

Hello I know I do not write much, but want to inform everyone that we are back on business. We are open on our regular schedule. We also can do private classes.

Anyone that know a person or group of people that will like self defense, karate, personal trainer, Tai Chi or Spanish (yes I can teach basic to intermediate Spanish) please let him/her/them that I am available. I can go to them of they can come to me. The advantage coming to the Dojo is that I have all the tools I may need to teach class. Plus it cost less coming to the Dojo. Prices will not be discuss over the phone, internet or text. I need the person(s) interested to come and see me in person.

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I will like to inform everyone interested or if you know anyone that may be interested that our classes are still being offered. We have plenty of time during the day for anyone wanting private classe

We are looking at giving self defense classes for ladies that are free during the day. We do not any days set yet, but we need students to come to our Dojo to know their names and personal information

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