Female Self-defense

Hi, our Dojo has a class schedule on April for a six hours female self defense course. This will be divided into two three hours part. Two Saturdays in a row (4/13 and 4/20). The class will cover effective and simple strikes, vital areas of the body and how to strike them, evasion moves, basic defense on the ground and more. This an active class not a lecture. All students attending the class are expected to participate and do their best effort to learn all this basic skills. This interaction is very important to really appreciate the effectiveness and seriousness of the techniques. The class is open for ages 15 and older. Anyone younger than 15 years will need to get permission from the instructor (Jerry Sensei).

This class should give a good foundation for a future class on female knives defense skills. If there are any questions come to our Dojo or call us anytime.