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Still going strong.

I will like to inform everyone interested or if you know anyone that may be interested that our classes are still being offered. We have plenty of time during the day for anyone wanting private classes (Karate, Kobudo, Self-defense for singles of groups, {Females/males}, Tai Chi, and Spanish.) Please be informed that private classes will not have the same price as regular monthly classes. I invite everyone to take advantage of our regular classes that are one of the cheapest if not the cheapest of the gulf area.

Our self defense techniques are very simple and straight to point. Not a fancy technique that will have no practical application streetwise.

I want to add that I can also give free street self-defense awareness chats to any private entity, civic/private group or church. So, if you know any group that may like this kind of activity please refer them to us. They can call or come to our Dojo and we will be happy to coordinate a time with them.

Any questions related to this subject or any others can be address using my email, text, or phone call. You can also come to our Dojo for a nice chat about it.

Everyone stay safe. Protect yourself in any way you can and feel necessary. See you at the Dojo...

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